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Пояснювала вчора одному побратимові, що у нас є шанс донести до цілого світу інформацію про нас і нашу боротьбу, тільки якщо нам допоможе "вата".
Без неї, коханої, нікуди. По-перше, через існуючу від початку неспівставність інформаційних ресурсів, по-друге, через те, що для деяких своїх ми можемо бути конкурентами, об'єктами для заздрощів і відчуття, що "нема пророку у своїй Вітчизні".
І зовсім інша справа - ворог. Навіть найдурніший ворог інстинктивно розуміє, що, роздуваючи і демонізуючи своїх ворогів, себто нас, він збільшує власну значущість. Бо одна річ, припустимо, копнути ногою маленького цуцика, і зовсім інша - героїчно відбитися від зграї голодних, розлючених вовків.

Через це я завжди радію будь-якій інформації про нас і про мене особисто, що з'являється на ватних ресурсах. Тим більше, що це ще й смішно - завжди є з чого пореготатися.

Ось вам дві останні публікації з ватних джерел - картинка і текст. Друга ще й претензійно названа "Truth about situation in Ukraine".
Насолоджуйтесь! :) І зверніть увагу на слова "фашист" і "фашистський" мало не в кожному реченні. Це мені нагадує радянські часи, коли у кожній публікації - байдуже на яку тему, це міг бути навіть автореферат дисертації, на певну кількість рядків мало стільки-то разів вживатися слово "Сталін".

29th March 2015, occupied territories of Novorossiya, fascist state Ukraine

Сonfession of a war crime, fascist published photos of civilan minibus exploded on fascist mine in the agricultural field. Olena Belozerskaya representative and an active participant in the "Right sector" openly acknowledged that the Ukrainian fascists mining agricultural lands. In the photos of blown civil minibus, that boasts Belozerskaya, seen a field with crop residues and "children" saucepans. Photos which published Olena Belozerskaya, backed by USA fascist journalist, promoter and member of fascist battalion, you can see below. Evidences that civilian bus was blown by fascist mine were marked on that photos. Below detailed report about this case:

At 20th March Belozerskaya writes in her publication:

"Yesterday and the day before in our minefields were several disruptions. Today reconnaissance group of "Right Sector" checked the place and found blown mines close "separskyh" position and found minibus terminated to rubbish and a little further - two blown mines . Bodies and perhaps wounded enemy took away in the night, they left only homemade "scraper" with belts and bloodstained bandages of Russian production."

Fascists are proud of their crime, in the fascist photos were marked by red line small saucepans and other civilian goods, parents boil in such saucepan soups and porridge for children. On this bus drove civilians who wanted to bypass the checkpoint. Ukrainian fascists, like their counterparts in the Israeli army create unbearable conditions for the inhabitants of the occupied territories. Ukrainian fascists passed residents after screening only for 8 hours during the day, the rest time the residents have to spend the evenings and nights in the cars/buses, in the absence of basic living conditions. In fact, Kiev junta and its fascists mock residents of the occupied territories, as does Israel's fascist regime in Palestine.

People who feed up fascists bullying trying to bypass checkpoints by rural roads and agricultural fields in the occupied territory. They explode on mines which are arranged by fascists on agricultural fields and roads. A few days ago, in occupied territories of Donetsk republic near city Gorlovka, on a land mine blew up a bus, four people were killed on the spot, more than 20 were injured. About this bus became known because Kiev junta tried to blame on this explosion Novorossiya military units. A large number of private cars and vans of inhabitants of the occupied territories, which exploded on mines which have established the fascists on rural fields and roads, remained unknown. Through the publication of fascist Belozorskaya we learned about one of these vans. For one of the photos from her publication the fascists laid on the ground AK, thus way done USNATO occupiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. In order to justify the killing of civilians, they photographed their bodies with guns. On the AK we didn't see dust, obviously that fascists put it to make "right" photos. It was a civilian vehicle, military units do not carry children pans. Fascists used medicine bandage made in Russia as evidence that Russian soldiers were in minibus. Russian bandages could be bought in any Ukrainian pharmacy, also Russia sending medicine bandage in humanitarian aids to the Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

Olena Belozerskaya is pupil of US State Dept. and promoter and participant in crimes of various fascist battalions, in particular battalion Azov. Now Olena is promoting the umbrella terrorist organization with fascist ideology "Right sector." "Right sector" has created its own military unit - Ukrainian Voluntary Corps, Olena Belozerskaya many times wrote about herself as about fighter of the fascist units. In the Internet there are a lot of pictures Belozerskaya in arms,she is not a journalist, she is fascist thug. She writes what is advantageous Kiev junta and their owners, she shooting and possibly she kill and destroy. Belozerskaya is the formal creator and editor of the news agency "Close to you". This agency was created in 2010, after the victory of Yanukovych in the presidential elections. This agency was created by the United States to sweep Yanukovych with the help of the "revolution", the first attempts were in 2011. In the last 2 photos of the publication you can see Olena Belozerskaya, at 1 photo she in arms with the red and black bandage of "UNA-UNSO." "UNA-UNSO" - is one of the oldest organizations of Ukrainian fascists. Members of "UNA-UNSO" are the heirs of Ukrainian fascists who committed rape, looting and massacres of civilians in the territory of Ukraine in 1940 - 1954 years, until the active militants were arrested or killed by MIA of USSR. Olena Belozerskaya probably will run away to Western Europe or to the USA, remember her face, fascist has no right to a quiet life.

Source of photos, publication in the blog of Belozerskaya, in the publication you can see photocopy of this her publication.
Site of Beloserskaya, there seen Ukrainian fascist flags which she support and agency created for her.
Put to searcher her name in Ukrainian - "Олена БІЛОЗЕРСЬКА", you will find many photos of her with weapon.
By Konstantin

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