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The Murder in Semypolky: the peasant solidarity faces that of the police

Прошу всіх по мірі можливості поширювати цей англомовний переклад статті про Віталія Запорожця, розміщувати його на ресурсах, де про ситуацію у Семиполках можуть прочитати західні читачі.

One of the several Brovary court hearings concerning the murder of a police major general lasted only a half of an hour. Short as it was, this was enough time to doubt the impartiality of the proceedings. Ignoring procedural requirements and human rights violations against the defendant, the judge postponed the hearing in order to allow the victim’s family extra time to file complaints.

Despite the fact that the defendant is not a senior politician, this case has all the chances of becoming significant. The last name of the defendant is Zaporozhets. He is accused of murdering police officer Mykola Symonenko. The defendant is in danger of facing lifelong imprisonment.

On the night of September 4, 2011 in the village of Semypolky, Vitaly Zaporozhets shot police major Mykola Symonenko with a hunting rifle. Symonenko was a head of the local village police station. According to the residents of Semypolky, he bullied anyone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. “He did as he wished. He was cruel to people, beating and intimidating them” say the village residents.

Fellow policemen reject such allegations. They describe Symonenko as an almost exemplary employee, and say that there were no complaints filed against him. The villagers did not like him because he maintained public order. “Only the relatives of those criminals Symonenko put behind bars talk bad about him. The rest are grateful to him for the public order he maintained. He did not do anything bad” – stated the head of the Ukrainian Police service in Kyyiv oblast Mykola Zhukovytch.

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