Олена Білозерська (Olena Bilozerska) (bilozerska) wrote,
Олена Білозерська (Olena Bilozerska)

"Nobody knows who I am, maybe you would understand..."

Музика мого дитинства...

i remember
leaves were falling down in St.Germain
it was a cold november
you went away
an' i got a dream

nobody knows who i am
maybe you would understand
anybody knows what i am
down in a secret land

nobody knows how i try
not to tell another lie
anybody knows in the end
i'll find a secret land

i need you
i feel you
i can't live without you
so long

i know that
we parted
i'll stay in this town
cause i miss you so
Tags: любов та інша лірика, музика, пісня

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