August 12th, 2010


"Вже сонце низенько"

М-м-м-м... Пісня і виконання, які я пам’ятаю з дитинства. Щоправда, цнотливий варіант - без згадки про жінку і двох дітей. І прекрасні фото нашого Пирогова...
І ще одне дуже цікаве виконання - повна версія пісні:

Сподобалось англомовне пояснення, про що пісня, від того, хто розмістив її на ЮТубі:
"This song is musically beautiful, but incredibly sad. It is about a girl waiting for her sweetheart at sunset. When he comes to her, she asks whether he really loves her or whether there is someone else. He tells her that he, indeed, loves her but that he cannot marry her.
The song ends with the girl's lament, "Oh, my dear god! What have I done! I fell in love with him, but he has a wife..." Not only that, but it turns out that the man also has two small children.

One of the things I love about Ukrainian songs, is that almost each one is a story onto itself. Some are happy, some are humorous, and some are very sad like this one, but all of them set in a lovely musical form".

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